Please Help Us Build The Best Child Care In Fairfield

Best Child Care in FairfieldAs we begin another school year, Leslie and I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Little Village Kids.  You are a vital part of our extended family, and it is truly our pleasure to care for you and your children.

From the day we opened in 2009, the goal has always been to build the best child care in Fairfield.  Over the last three years that has meant making improvements to our facility, our programs, our curriculum, and our staff.  Today, we remain committed to constant growth and improvement.

Enrollment provides the resources we need to grow.  We are happy to report that our enrollment is steady.  However, and increase in that enrollment would go a long way toward helping us continue to thrive.  You can play a key role in the effort to increase enrollment at Little Village Kids.  Please consider helping by taking advantage of one or more of the opportunities below.

Ways To Help Build The Best Child Care In Fairfield

  • Refer Someone – The greatest thing you could do to help us grow is refer a friend or family member.  We will give that person free registration for 2012 and we’ll apply a $50 credit to your account to say, “Thanks.”
  • Leave a Positive Review – If you have enjoyed being a part of our family and you’re willing to say so, please consider leaving a positive review online.  You can write nice things about the center at our Google Plus Listing or our Yelp Page.
  • Like Us – If you are on Facebook, just liking our page will help us reach more people.  If you could give us a pitch in a post that would be awesome!
  • Tweet Us – If you use Twitter, please tweet about the center and link back to our website:
  • Pin Us – If you are a Pinterest user, please pin our website to one of your boards.
  • Leave Comments – Our search engine rankings benefit greatly from comments left on our website.  To leave a comment, just choose a post that you enjoy and share your thoughts in the “comments” section.

Thanks for helping us build the Best Child Care in Fairfield.  You’re awesome!